Avatar 2: It takes a box office miracle to not bankrupt Disney. For James Cameron, it would be the third

There’s only one movie worth talking about this Christmas, and that’s Avatar 2: The Water Trail. And especially for extra-cinematic reasons. Director, james cameronand the production house, the disneyare at the end of a ten-year journey and an apparently suicidal plan: a after which arrives 13 years too late, without the novelty that made the first film the the biggest box office success in the history of cinema (the 3D, this future that would have conquered the cinema and the living rooms) and with hardly anyone who remembers exactly who the characters or the plot were of this colossal blockbuster set in the imaginary world of Pandora. All for an estimated cost of over 350 million euros. And the most expensive movie in history and any collection inferior to 2 billion euros will be considered a failure. The estimate did the same Cameron who, as he said to a QG a few months ago he told Disney that Avatars 2 represented “the worst business model in the history of cinema”.

That is to say, it must compete with its own registration running (Avatars is always at the top of the charts than only the last film of the avengers managed to approach: 2.922 billion dollars, almost 2 billion euros: 2.8 billion euros at current exchange rates), as well as with its previous record, Titanic (2.187 billion dollars, almost 2.1 billion euros, currently in third place in the all-time ranking), the latter only to “cover expenses”. The plan is even crazier: while the sequel comes out, Cameron will finish shooting Avatars 4 (the 3 is already in post-production), and will prepare the shooting of the fifth chapter. The plan foresees the release of the sequels to come in 2024, 2026 and 2028. And now it’s too late to back down.

The return of a more central world of its characters, Pandora, with afterlife works in its favor 3,500 visual effects, and the certainty that no one has ever understood 3D and the infographics as much as Cameron (easy to prove: just watch almost all of his films from the 90s, starting with terminator 2, whose special effects have aged very little). The self-proclaimed “King of the World” since the night he conquered the Oscars with Titanic he is now 68 years old and there is no doubt that he can perform another miracle.

This would be the third: Titanic it could spell the end of Cameron’s career. A disaster moviewho yielded more than $200 million (something never seen in 1997), of which everyone knew the end: the sinking ship. But the romance between Jack (Leonardo DiCapriothe only one who didn’t celebrate the Oscars because he wasn’t even nominated) and Rose (Kate Winsletoverwhelmed by mega production and by pneumonia that she had taken on the set) broke a roof that today seems normal when it comes to blockbusters: a billion at the box office. Nobody had ever done it before.

Titanic then it took a long time. A madness that Fox executives had remedied with a few cuts to have a more commercial film: quarter past three. It’s a detail to remember today that everyone thinks Avatars 2of similar duration, is too long. Avatars it almost lasted Quarter past two. Another one suicide. A film made to be screened in 3D Salthitherto non-existent, with a new franchise And blue alien characters. The first film to cross – and pierce – the threshold of 2 billion. A number that Titanic it then caught up with its re-release in 2012, three years after the release of Avatars. And the bittersweet return of star wars managed to eclipse him: alone The force awakens and the last two films of the avengers reached these heights.

Avatars 2 it also has another advantage: it will come out China, something that was known only almost at the last minute and which has resulted in a large part of current blockbusters: none of the last seven Marvel films has managed to land a place in a country increasingly hostile to Western cinema, with a very large number of limited releases, and in which Disney has no particular allure. China brought in more than 250 million euros in revenue to the previous film, a figure that could easily multiply thirteen years later.

The highlight of this sequel also has to do with past successes. Shortly after filming Titanic, Kate Winslet she had told the press that she would never work with James Cameron again unless she was paid well. Twenty-five years later Titanicit is estimated that he received at least six million euros for his role in Avatars 2, and who will take part of the profits. A lot of money. It’s basically the timeless story of James Cameron, a genius behind the camera who understands how the film industry works. A talent he showed in Hollywood the day he presented himself to Fox executives to sell them aliens: as he said, his idea was to add an “s” to the original title, aliens, in order to make it clear to the public that there was now more than one alien. “But in the end, it all comes down to this,” he said, adding a vertical bar to the letter “s”: the symbol of dollar.


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