Beautiful Advances: Sheila under arrest, but swears revenge. It doesn’t stop there!

In the current American bets from Magnificenton the wrists of Sheila Carter the handcuffs will be closed again. We had anticipated it: the woman, attracted by the house of Steffy Finnegan on the pretext of showing him the baby Hayeshe discovers that it is actually a trap set by the young girl, with the complicity of her parents Crete And taylor.

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Finn’s widow, in fact, has regained her memory, regaining memories of the night her husband was killed at the hands of his own biological mother: the doctor stood between Carter and Steffy, to whom the shot was intended, and died instantly.. At that point, Sheila stopped Steffy from calling for help, staging a real execution and “handing” the girl a ball as well, then faking a robbery that ended badly.

Beautiful American intrigues: “For Sheila a sad moment”

Just when Sheila thought she was off the hook, the only witness angrily confronted her, swearing justice. Like that Kimberline Brown explained his character’s feelings:

For Sheila it was a sad moment, she thought she had found support in Taylor and the possibility of being a better person, despite everything. Instead, she’s been drawn to the deception, behind the promise of what she wants most: acceptance.

USA Beautiful spoiler: Sheila’s fake reconstruction

Anyway, Sheila was really beginning to think that the Forresters were ready to give her a chance and welcome her into their midst. However, the woman tried to deny the accusation and tried to make Taylor herself doubt her daughter’s claims, because after all, Steffy woke up thinking she was married to Liam: an amnesia that has lasted a few hours, but which could suggest more serious psychological harm. .

According to Sheila, on this occasion Steffy’s spirit sought to protect her from a reality too painful for her condition, so now she could trick her into satisfying her need to find a culprit at any cost. What better choice than the woman she has hated all her life, to destroy her childhood by taking her mother away from her!

Beautiful American news: Taylor this time does not let herself be fooled by Sheila

Taylor, however, wasn’t wrong this time, acknowledging that she fell like a fool into the persuasive plays of Sheila, whom she considers to be the same psychopath she once was. At that point, Sheila admitted what had happened, but tried to reverse the accusation: Finn’s blood is not in his hands, but Steffy’s hands are dirty with it. The latter, indeed, stubbornly resisted the possibility of Sheila having a place in Finn and Hayes’ lives and even that night sought a confrontation, making accusations when in reality she shouldn’t have. than thank her.

At this point, Ridge and Taylor learned another detail of the story, which Steffy came to realize: the girl had confronted Sheila because she had sabotaged the sobriety of Brooke, led them to drink real champagne on New Year’s Eve. For Sheila, his gesture must have been proof of how much he cared for Steffy and Taylor, allowing them to rebuild the family that had destroyed them years before: if Steffy hadn’t forced his hand, Finn would never have been there. of his death. and she certainly wouldn’t have shot him…

Beautiful: Sheila Carter and the Promise of Vengeance

Eventually, however, Sheila will find herself arrested by the police (who, led by the lieutenant baker, will be posted outside the house) and will be dragged behind bars, not without swearing to the Forresters that it is not over. Brown adds:

You should never cheat on Sheila, even behind bars. It never stopped her. In the past, she had to pay the justice bill for her crimes, but this time there was a crime she never sought. The fault lies with the Forresters who stood between her, her son, and her grandson, and Sheila will respond the only way she knows how: by fighting.

Beautiful American Spoilers: Thomas’ Role in Sheila’s Story

In short, if on other occasions Sheila’s plots have ended in her arrest or hospitalization in a mental hospital (or in a fugitive escape), this time the prison will not let her leave the premises. I mean, Carter’s not going anywhere. But how will he get away with the murder and attempted murder charges?

Well, maybe the answer could be Thomas Forest. For now the advances they don’t reveal it, but could the boy’s involvement (albeit belated) be a weapon to Carter’s advantage? Yes, because Ridge and Taylor will discover that their son was aware of Sheila’s left-handed ruse against Brooke and, unlike his sister, while condemning Carter’s low blow he had never spoken about it. It was because Thomas had been unwilling to put a damper on Taylor’s renewed romantic dreams of Ridge and felt that maybe his father would actually be happier away from Brooke.

Beautiful: Ridge and Taylor are keeping a secret

While battling against his own conscience, Thomas had actually kept the secret for days, continuing to do so during the life-and-death emergency Steffy was facing. Now Ridge will confront his son, but this is unlikely to lead to a real breakup. the divulgein fact, they report that Ridge and Taylor will decide to keep a secret: will it be Thomas’ role in the case?

Ridge will inform Brooke of Sheila’s guilt, especially regarding the bottle swap that resulted in her drinking at the end of the year while kissing. Deacon Sharpe. Logan will be relieved, because she has been wondering for months what prompted her to drink, out of the blue, without feeling the slightest temptation. This, however, will not automatically lead to reconciliation between husband and wife.

Magnificent: between Ridge and Brooke all will not be well…

Of course, Ridge will see Brooke as Sheila’s victim, but it’s also true that he didn’t leave the house because his wife was drinking, but because he didn’t tell her he kissed and slept. with Deacon, a man he hates. About that, Katherine Kelly Lang he stated :

Of course, Brooke will have hopes for a happy ending with her husband, but Ridge will still need time: although Brooke didn’t choose to drink, she decided to have Deacon there that night. ..

Do you remember? Although Ridge insisted that his wife accompany him to an out-of-town business event, Logan preferred a New Year’s Eve at home with Liam, Hopechildren and… Deacon!

He was supportive of Brooke, but Ridge had long warned her that this would lead to trouble. If Brooke had listened to him, maybe Deacon wouldn’t have been there and, maybe, none of this would have happened.

Ridge will decide to leave the annex of Steffy’s house, to the great relief of Brooke who will see him move away from Taylor. Ridge will temporarily settle on neutral ground, which is Dad’s house. Ericwaiting to finally clarify.

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