May 1 concert, Ambra Angiolini in tears: “After two years of an empty place, we are here together for peace”. Then he responds to Fedez

the May 1 concert not only is he back after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic in Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano in Rome completely filled with happy spectators, but it has “rejuvenated” and established an interesting pop twist. In the race for the fifth consecutive year Ambra Angiolini, who is confirmed as the big driver for the event and hopefully the next member of the X Factor judging panel alongside the confirmed Fedez. “After two years of an empty place, we are here together to remember that freedom and work are the rights of every human being. and they cannot ignore the word respect. – Ambra began moved, kicking off the demonstration – Let’s start this great concert with a right in serious danger, with a right less: that is to say peace. This is precisely why the CGIL CISL and the UIL wanted this slogan: “Acting for peace”, a simple direct slogan, indisputable if we now try to shout it, let’s all shout it together. I wonder: how do we feel under this slogan, we, concretely, what can we do against the war in Ukraine. Probably what we already do, Ideny ourselves and continue to invoke peace“.

AMONG THE MANY THEMES PEACE, WORK AND BODY POSITIVITY – Many artists have started a call for peace against the war in Ukraine. From 3:35 p.m. when the only Ukrainian international artists performed, I Go to. “Music is the language that has always united us,” said the group from kyiv. In the afternoon, young artists performed. Bugo introduced them in the unprecedented role of co-presenter“I’m happy to be here but the guys invited me to be the conductor. I am here to deliver positive messages,” he said. On stage, they took turns, among others, Mobrici, Big Mama (“They shouted at me big, but look how cool I am”), one of the protagonists of the last Sanrem Festivalor Hu, VV, Fasma (“For me acting is not succeeding but doing and redoing. Acting is a privilege for those who are at war now)” which premiered the new single “Bimbi Sperduti” and Caffellatte with Deddy with the new single “does not not me sleep”.

SIR. RAIN ON MENTAL HEALTH AND SUICIDE: “ASK FOR HELP” – Important Mr. Rain’s speech on mental health and suicides: “Matteo, Aaron, Chantal. These three guys have one thing in common: they succumbed to the weight of depression and decided to commit suicide. The bad thing about fighting with ourselves and our fears is that even though we sink, we still believe that we can do it alone. But fighting alone is like trying to get out in quicksand, the harder you try to escape the deeper you sink. Mental health is just as important as physical health. And from personal experience, do not be afraid, asking for help doesn’t make you weak, it’s an act of strength“. And then again Bresh, Psychologists, Grudge, Venerus, Coma_Cose and Vibrations. Little gag from Valerio Lundini who, while playing with the Vazzanikki, plays a fake phone call with a fake Poutine: “I heard your remarks and your very original concepts. Thanks to you, I have chosen to end the war”.

LISTA’S REPRESENTATIVE: “WE ARE MONELLI AND INCAZ**TI” – The central performance block of the evening was inaugurated by The representative of the list at 20 who said: “We are brats and a little pissed off too because things don’t change and then we do something to banish the fear. Fuck you in this war! “. Stadium choirs for Max Pezzali who sang “Gli anni” and “Con un deca”. Excited Ariete (“work must always be defended and now that my job is to make music I have one more opportunity to reiterate it”), audience also delighted for Coez who came up with ‘As in the Songs’, ‘Red Eyes’ and ‘The Music Isn’t There’.

ORNELLA VANONI: “THE CONCERTONE IS NOT FOR YOU” – The great interpreter of Italian music Ornella Vanoni she goes on stage to offer the intense “Construction” by Chico Buarque de Hollanda and dedicated to the white dead. “I had wanted to come to May Day for a long time, but they always told me: ‘It’s not for you’ – explained the 87-year-old artist -. So I brought a song by Chico Buarque from Hollanda about a white death, certainly not exciting, it’s not rock or funk but it’s an important song. Since the beginning of the year, 200 workers have died. It happens because now everything has to be done quickly, life has no more value, the scaffolding is made without care and collapses like the one that a few days ago ran over a boy. The workers have terrible working hours. At the end of this song about people dying you won’t be applauding me like when you listen to the songs you love, but it’s a wonderful song.”

MARCO MENGONI SUPERSTAR AND CARMEN CONSOLI AT ALL ROCK – After the celebrations of the musical opera “Notre Dame De Paris”, he arrived on stage Marco Mengoni with the elegance that distinguishes it on the notes of “Change a man”, “Mi fiderò” and an acoustic version of “Blowin in the wind” by Bob Dylan then close with “Ma stasera”. “Not tired at all”, “Besame Giuda”, “Geisha” and “Confusa e felice” are the songs that Carmen Consoli she proposed in full rock, accompanied on drums by her friend and colleague Marina Rei.

AMBRA CLOSES THE EXHIBITION AND WELCOMES FEDEZ – According to Carmen Consoli Tommaso Paradiso has arrived he proposed “Felicità puttana”, the single “All the nights” and “Don’t be afraid”. And to follow Rkomi, Luchè, Luca Barbarossa with Extraliscio, Mara Sattei, Gazzelle, Fabrizio Moro, Enrico Ruggeri and to close the return of vibration and mass only with colapesce offers “Ayahuasca”, with Venerus & Joan Thiele “Breathless” and with Gemitaiz “From Sunset to Dawn”. The transmission is suddenly interrupted due to the accumulated delay, the show continues in the square, and at the end Ambra Angiolini appears at the end of the show, surprisingly, he reads the words that Fedez wrote in the afternoon on his social networks: “We want to greet you with a message from a friend on May 1st. Happy May 1st and good Concert to all. I wanted to be there but I think my invitation got lost. Hi Federicooo!”.

Mille was the winner of 1MNEXT, the May Day Concert competition. “I am honored and delighted to have won. – Mille commented – I thank those who decided to award this prize to me and my traveling companions because music is about sharing, so this prize is mine but also ours”. Finally, Diadora Utility asserted itself alongside workers on the occasion of the Concertone thanks to the partnership with the historic Concertone in Piazza San Giovanni.The Trevigiano brand, leader in workplace safety, will take to one of the most important stages in Italy, with the backliners and insiders of the event Utility has provided them with a personalized uniform with technical clothing that guarantees maximum comfort while allowing them to work in complete safety.

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