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After two years of live stoppage due to the Covid-19 emergency, Rock in Roma returns to Rome with particular energy. From June to July 2022, indeed, a “reboot” in style is to be expected, because the soul of Rome will be even more Rock.

Many, many, the desire to return to breathe music together and, after the May Day concert that returned to fill Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano, it will be Rock in Rome that will bring great music – Italian and international – to the city .

Rock in Rome 2022

Blanco’s double date at Capannelle Racecourse is already sold out, as is the Måneskin event at Circus Maximus. Now in its 12th edition, one of Europe’s most important festivals and always geared towards expanding the boundaries of music, Rock in Roma is ready to shine the spotlight on its multi-genre lineup – ranging from a variety of the most successful national festivals and international – and transversal – artists with the big names of the artistic scene and the names of singers and groups who are rising in the panorama of current and trendy music.

A choice that shows the will of the founders of Rock in Rome, Maxmiliano Bucci and Sergio Giuliani, to satisfy the needs of fans of great rock stars. Thanks to their commitment, since the first edition, live music has been the protagonist of the Roman summer.

An event that the Capitoline administration also intends to promote. Advisor for Major Events Alessandro Onorato present at the press conference: “We want to focus very decisively on the development of major events because, in addition to having great social, cultural and aggregative value, they also have great economic value”. “We support organizers and entrepreneurs who choose Rome as a location because we want our city to become the European capital of major events. Rock in Rome has been a regular fixture for years – continued Onorato – it seemed appropriate to offer this important event strong support for communication and mobility to guarantee a simpler and safer conviviality.” For this reason – he concluded – in the already full two evenings of Blanco, the return by train will only cost the children one euro while they will have new dedicated parking areas are available to facilitate access to structure”.

Live Arenas

It will be a Rock in Rome once again widespread in the city, with three places of breathtaking beauty. the Circus Maximus, where the most anticipated summer special event in Italy will take place on July 9, the concert of Måneskin, the Hippodrome of Capannelle, which has always hosted Rock in Rome which, even in this new edition, is duplicated with the Red Stage and the Black Stage and the Auditorium Parco della Musica, symbol of modern architecture and made in Italy art.

In Cavea, more specifically, will perform: Brunori Sas, Deep Purple, Herbie Hancock, Patti Smith Quartet, Skunk Anansie and, in the Sala Santa Cecilia, the Paul Weller concert will take place.

The Capannelle racecourse, meanwhile, will host the lives of Achille Lauro, Anuel AA, Ariete, Blanco, Caparezza, Carl Brave, Cigarettes After Sex, Ernia, Frah Quintale, Gazzelle, Gemitaiz, Gianluca Grignani, God is an astronaut , Gue, representative of La List + Rovere, Lazza, Leon Faun + Mambolosco + Villabanks, Litfiba, Madame, Madman, Mecna + Coco, Noyz Narcos, Ozuna, Psicologi, Queen at the opera, Rkomi, Rondodasosa + Baby Gang, Shiva + Paky + Rhove, Suicidal Tendencies, Testament + Exodus + Death Angel + Heathen, The Chemical Brothers and Willie Peyote.

The mobility plan and the ecological islands for Rock in Rome

Also this year, thanks to an agreement with Trenitalia Regionale, a mobility plan has been studied that connects the Capannelle racecourse to the city center to easily reach the great live shows of Rock in Rome. The travel companion will be a privileged master key, at your fingertips: the myCicero application, which can be downloaded to your devices, is the platform that accompanies the visitor to the concert halls; it will offer a complete travel experience and facilitate the reservation of trains and parking spaces.

The collaboration between Rock in Roma and Eventi in Bus is also renewed for the 2022 edition, the service that will make Bus-Shuttle available at the end of the concerts to accompany the spectators to the center of Rome. The communication partnership with Atac is also confirmed.

The increasingly “green” festival once again expresses its tension towards eco-sustainability: a zero-impact event, in the name of sustainability. In the three concert halls, ecological islands will be set up for selective waste collection, according to low environmental impact protocols.

The complete program of Rock in Rome 2022

Noyz Narcos – JUNE 10 – Capannelle Racecourse
Leon Faun, Mambolosco and VillaBanks – JUNE 11 – Ippodromo delle Capannelle
Mecna and Coco -16 JUNE – Ippodromo delle Capannelle
Psychologists – JUNE 17 – Ippodromo delle Capannelle
Gemitaiz – JUNE 18 – Capannelle Racecourse
Lazza – June 21 – Capannelle Racecourse
The List Representative – JUNE 23 – Ippodromo delle Capannelle
Shiva, Paky & Rhove – JUNE 24 – Capannelle Racecourse
Queen at the Opera – JUNE 25 – Hippodrome de Capannelle
Guè – JUNE 26 – Hippodrome de Capannelle
Suicidal tendencies – JUNE 27 – Ippodromo delle Capannelle
Cigarettes After Sex – JUNE 28 – Hippodrome de Capannelle
Skunk Anansie – JUNE 29 – Auditorium Parco della Musica
Willie Peyote – JUNE 30 – Capannelle Racecourse
Brunori Sas – Auditorium Parco della Musica
Hernia – 1 JULY – Hippodrome de Capannelle
Deep Purple – JULY 2 – Parco della Musica Auditorium
Fou – JULY 3 – Hippodrome de Capannelle
Madame – 5 JULY – Hippodrome de Capannelle
Aries – JULY 6 – Hippodrome de Capannelle
God is an astronaut – JULY 7 – Hippodrome de Capannelle
The Chemical Brothers – JULY 8 – Hippodrome de Capannelle
Rondo Da Sosa and Baby Gang – JULY 10 – Capannelle Racecourse
Achille Lauro – JULY 12 – Capannelle Racecourse
Herbie Hancock – JULY 13 – Auditorium Parco della Musica
Gianluca Grignani – JULY 13 – Capannelle Racecourse
Carl Brave – JULY 15 – Capannelle Racecourse
Anuel AA – JULY 16 – Capannelle Racecourse
Litfiba – JULY 18 – Capannelle Racecourse
Testament – JULY 19 – Hippodrome de Capannelle
Frah Quintale – JULY 20 – Capannelle Racecourse
Ozuna – JULY 21 – Capannelle Racecourse
Gazelles – JULY 22 – Capannelle Racecourse
Caparezza – JULY 23 – Capannelle Racecourse
Patti Smith Quartet – JULY 27 – Parco della Musica Auditorium
Blanco – July 27-28 (SOLD OUT) – Capannelle Racecourse
Rkomi – JULY 30 – Capannelle Racecourse
Paul Weller – SEPTEMBER 11 – Auditorium Parco della Musica
Maneskin – JULY 9 SPECIAL EVENT [SOLD OUT] – Circus Maximus


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