WWE Raw Report 2/5/2022 – 6-Man Match Trials

Friends of Tuttowrestling, welcome back this week. The one that will take us to Backlash and the final details need to be ironed out for the Bloodline and beyond. My name is Daniele “Mile Monster” La Spina and this is your Raw Report!!!

The episode opens with a recap of what happened on SmackDown when The Usos signed the contract with RK-Bro, which led us to the 6-man tag team match in Backlash.

And it’s Bloodline who is the first to enter the Greensboro Coliseum Complex in Greensboro, North Carolina. We receive greetings from Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton as the quartet win the ring with the usual composure. Paul Heyman speaks first and says if they remember correctly – and they’re never wrong – this is the part of the show where newbies welcome everyone to Raw. A great moment for everyone watching from home and an even better moment for those here at the arena. People should stand up because it’s only in these moments that they have the chance to be enlightened by the undisputed champion Roman Reigns. He speaks up and tells North Carolina to recognize him. RKO out of nowhere!!! Orton and Riddle come out of nowhere and RKO the Usos each!! Perfect ambush because the two challenge Drew McIntyre who arrives on stage sword in hand. The RK-Bros stay in the ring until McIntyre arrives, drops the sword, then they go for an honest one-on-one. The two look at each other and then the fight ensues. Reigns wins, then McIntyre closes the corner but Jimmy and Jey arrive to lend a hand to their cousin. Orton and Riddle then return to the ring and there is a general fight as several referees and traffic cops arrive to try to stop him. we go into advertising.

We come back and at the table they show us what just happened practically in full. The three talk about it, then move on to what happened to the Street Profits. We see a pre-recorded video where Street Profits is joined by Ezekiel introducing himself. The two joke about it and offer him a drink. Then comes Alpha Academy and Kevin Owens who says it’s all pathetic and Owens who, as usual, gets carried away because Ezekiel won’t admit he’s just Elias. The Profits offer a match and Owens takes one of their glasses to throw the contents in Ezekiel’s face, who is restrained by the Profits.


The 6 enter and start under the orders of Eddie Orengo: Angelo Dawkins and Chad Gable start legal. Lock up and throw on the ropes of Gable; Shoulder block by Dawkins. Dawkins in contention, throwing the ropes for Gable, Waistlock and more series of dodges by the two. Gable’s Arm Drag, outstretched empty arm, and Dawkins’ Spinning Elbow. Tag for Montez Ford and the two connect a Double Flapjack! 1…2…no!!! Ford’s Armbar, Gable gets free and ends up reversing the positions with a Drop Toe Hold and enters Armbar in turn Ford’s Rope Throw, Arm Drag then Standing Dropkick. Otis tries to intervene: Dropkick for him too, double Dropkick also with Dawkins then triple with the help of Ezekiel. Otis finally exits the ring. Owens decides to step off the apron to avoid trouble. Break for us.

We’re back on the air with Gable in Armbar on Ford. Ford breaks free but Gable hits Dawkins knocking him off the apron. Ford attacks and is thrown between the ropes, Gable tries to catch him on the apron but the latter pushes him away: Ford tries a Somersault Senton but Gable transforms him magnificently on the fly into Northern Light Suplex Pin! 1…2…no!!! Tag for Owens cutting a series of kicks to Ford then Short-Arm Clothesline, followed by a Running Senton then a Springboard Moonsault!! 1…2…no!! Taken by Owens, Ford tries to free himself but Owens tries the Back Suplex. Ford lands on his feet and counters with a Jumping Enziguri Kick. Double tag for Ezekiel and Gable (modest pop for Ezekiel). Clothesline, Back Elbow and then Zeke’s Rope Throw. Gable’s kick which then runs and ends up in Ezekiel’s Spinebuster. Otis tries to intervene but Ezekiel’s High Knee. Ezekiel’s Chop on Gable which sends him into the corner: Elias’ brother dusts off the Mule Kick to push him back. Splash around corner of Ezekiel then Swinging Vertical Suplex! 1…2…no!!! Otis stops the pin and throws Ezekiel to the ground. Ford tries to attack him but Otis’ Exploder Suplex knocks the opponent over the ropes. Dawkins attacks him with a knee to the back and knocks him out of the box. Owens Superkick! Ezekiel gets up and knocks Owens down to hit him repeatedly. The Canadian breaks free and leaves the ring. Ezekiel gets up and attacks Gable: Gable and German Suplex’s outstretched arm but Ezekiel avoids it. Gable distracts Orengo, Ezekiel takes the run but Owens trips him under the ring. Gable capitalizes with an Oklahoma Roll! 1…2…3!!!

AJ Styles is in the interview area, we’ll hear from him NEXT…

On the way back we are actually with Kevin Patrick in the interview area and AJ Styles. Patrick says a stipulation was added to his match tonight with Damian Priest, why? Styles says it’s about Edge’s fragile ego. A WM had cornered him then Priest came to distract him. Edge may have said he beat him, but everyone knows that’s not true. But then he chose to have this stipulation added: If he defeats Priest tonight, he will be banned from the ring at Backlash. Otherwise, he can keep it.

Sonya Deville’s situation is discussed at the commentary table, reviewing last week’s Raw Women’s Title match. Deville is in the office arguing with Adam Pearce and says he still doesn’t understand the reason for this investigation into his conduct as he has always done everything by following the rules to the letter. Pearce says it’s something that comes from the very, very high spheres of the Company. They seem convinced that he abused his power. They saw her come into the title match last week and change the rules multiple times to try and win and it didn’t work. Management decided they would like to see her fight again, but this time only as a fighter, with no executive powers. So he sanctioned a match, a 6-a-side match so he could be quiet: it will be her, Rhea Ripley and Becky Lynch against Liv Morgan, Asuka and Bianca Belair. Deville is a bit contradicted but says it’s okay, but maybe they could make it a No Holds Barred Match. Pearce shakes his head and tells her she’s just a fighter tonight, with no decision making power.

Veer Mahan enters the general disinterest. The match is NEXT…

TONIGHT: Sonya Deville Rhea Ripley and Becky Lynch will face Liv Morgan, Asuka and Bianca Belair!!!

Byron Saxton is in the ring with Kurt Hanson, a wrestler from Greensboro who will face Mahan. Saxton says we’ve seen several of Mahan’s opponents end up in the hospital because he agreed to face Mahan. He replies that he is here because he always wanted to play Raw in his hometown. For years he worked at the Skinny Barbecue around the corner dreaming of this moment. Tonight, he realizes it.


Shawn Bennett starts the match with Mahan who immediately grabs Hanson and plants him in the corner. Series of shots until Bennett’s break. Hanson and Mahan’s Ceffone catches him and throws him into Colar Elbow Throw. Launch on the ropes and knees (with verses) by Mahan who then hits with a kind of Kitchen Sink. Lou Thesz Press and Mahan prepares to close. Lariat scores then Cervical Clutch! Hanson gives in immediately!!!

Again after the match, Mahan attacks the unfortunate player by knocking him outside the ring. He then puts it back in the ring and applies the Cervical Clutch between the ropes (as effective as doing it on the commentary table). Then he leaves satisfied.

We are shown Edge and Priest attacking Styles two Mondays ago. Priest and Edge enter. Match with Styles is NEXT…

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